Adaptive Land Management Planning

Ecology Bridge specializes in environmental assessment and adaptive land management planning and implementation. We provide a range of services from plant surveys to land management consultation to ensuring our clients reach their goals. We walk with you through the land management planning process, grant writing and project implementation. We help our clients identify current land conditions and needs from which management and restoration plans are informed.

Thoughtful land management can be expensive. The words “not enough time and not enough money” ring in the halls of many public land management agencies, organizations and in the homes of large-scale landowners. When land managers and landowners are spread too thin, they are in survival mode and can’t step back long enough to see how partnering with other organizations and landowners or access to grants could help them meet their management goals. It is in this gap in resources and needs, that Ecology Bridge works to weave networks that bridge that gap and meet multi-landowner and land manager goals.